The Pheno2Geno package


Pheno2geno is a R package for the detection of biomarkers and the construction of genetic maps from molecular phenotypes in segregating inbred populations. Molecular phenotypes such as RNA transcript abundance with a clearly separated bi-modal or multi-modal expression distribution are detected as candidate markers. Quality control is applied to the candidate markers, and suitable ones are the transformed into discrete (genetic) biomarkers. Pheno2geno uses these detected biomarkers to saturate an existing genetic map or even construct a genetic map de novo.
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This software is available under the terms of GNU GPL, version 3

How to start?

  1. Download and install the R environment for statistical computing
  2. Download the Pheno2Geno package for your operating system
  3. Install the package into R
  4. Read the tutorial and documentation

How to cite

If you used the Pheno2Geno package in active research please cite our work. You can also download a bibtex entry file
Pheno2Geno is developed by GBIC - University of Groningen